Chairman: Andrew Macdonald (Brazil)
Vice Chairman: Steven Shiou-Chung Chen (Chinese Taipei)

Constituted in November 1985 with the intention of creating a strong spinners voice in all matters of interest to the industry the Committee identified as its main objectives to support the development of quality cotton fibre based on modern spinning requirements; to provide advice relating to the harvesting, handling, ginning and contracting of cotton; and to promote the mechanical testing of raw cotton.

To achieve the objectives, the Committee convenes meetings with other interested parties and in particular with leading cotton merchants and their associations, as well as with private and public national and international organizations; visits cotton producing countries with the purpose of fostering an interchange of ideas between breeders, farmers, ginners, traders and spinners; propagates the progressive replacement of the traditional cotton classification with mechanical classing like HVI; maintains a regular dialogue with spinning machine and testing instrument manufacturers.

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